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by making financial products disappear

AdviceBridge automates the processes, research and analysis for advisers auto generating a retirement plan that the adviser can then easily and quickly review before presenting it to the client.

We’re the leading automated digital retirement advice and guidance firm for financial planners

AdviceBridge has created a platform enabling you to effortlessly deliver financial plans to a much wider range of clients profitably. Our solution digitises many of the manual, time consuming processes, engaging your clients through its simple and meaningful interface whilst enabling you to focus on the relationship and not admin, research or reports.

We take unengaging, complicated and time consuming tasks away and replace them with engaging, insightful and meaningful information and recommendations. Our system helps gather information, analyse what is held and how it should be structured before producing a recommendation report for you to present to your client.

Our Aim is to: Make clear what customers can spend now and receive in retirement.

Our Mission is to: Make financial products disappear.

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“We always try to embrace innovation in technology to ensure business efficiency and great client experiences. We’ve been working with AdviceBridge for a while now and have been really pleased with the collaboration”

Alan Smith – Capital Asset Management

Bridging the Advice Gap…

You may have a dilemma in regards to the service level you provide versus the cost of providing this and the level of profitability or alternatively you may just be looking at ways to increase engagement with clients who are expecting more through technology. Either way we have the solution.

Issues or concerns you may be experiencing:

  • Efficiency and speed of processes impacting on cost of servicing clients and hence decreasing profitability
  • Cost of employing/outsourcing paraplanners
  • Cashflow planning too expensive to implement for all, or too complex

  • Reduced profit due to cost increases: FCA Levy, PII, Salaries

  • Smaller value clients, orphan clients, inherited clients, “tails” of acquired books

Or those just…

  • Looking to improve processes & efficiency through software

  • Looking for a solution to help with providing different client service levels

  • Wanting a tech enabled service 24/7 to raise service levels across more clients


For Advisers…
  • Automates the processes, research and analysis for advisers, identifying which wrappers the client should be utilising, automatically updating the financial plan
  • Cuts the time spent on a new clients down from the typical 35/45 hours to 6 hours (including meetings) saving 75% to 85% of the time
  • Increases the level of profitability substantially with smaller clients
  • Runs over 1,000 simulations taking into account various tax scenarios and risk at wrapper level, recommending the best structure across your clients holdings
  • Attracts younger accumulating clients through digital service
For Advisers’ Clients…
  • Provides a single figure showing what clients can afford to spend NOW and IN RETIREMENT on a monthly basis
  • More engaging for client creating greater touch points, familiarity and greater trust with the adviser firm
  • Goals based tool enables clients to simply see how altering their finances will impact them now and in retirement
  • Enables clients to update information 24/7 (alerting their adviser instantly to changes in their finances)
  • Bridges the gap for lower value clients enabling them to start their journey with an adviser earlier

“I really do think this has a place within a firm’s advice process. It helps, as the name suggests, bridge the gap for clients to seek advice via a simple online tool”

Chris Salacinski – Jarrovian Wealth

Efficiency & profitability through engaging AdviceBridge

AdviceBridge is easy to implement within your business, integrating with existing software and significantly improving your business. Advisers & clients get their own separate dashboard along with an intuitive and easy to use interface for loading or updating information. It is designed to save you time and help your clients feel more engaged in their financial future.

“I really liked it from the get go. The level of detail and ability to undertake many of the mundane time consuming tasks really stood out for me”

Paul Blight – Carrick Financial Management

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