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Helping financial planners serve every client

We empower you to deliver more meaningful retirement solutions to group scheme members and legacy clients.

We work exclusively with financial planners

As a financial planner, do you aspire to help all of your clients reach their retirement goals?

Do you find that it’s often uneconomical to look after your smaller clients?

AdviceBridge is the solution. 

We’re a technology firm who enable financial planners to deliver automated digital retirement advice and guidance. Our intuitive, easy to use app makes financial planning accessible and affordable. Allowing you to deliver personalised financial advice profitably to all of your clients.

Financial Calculators

Our easy to use tools and calculators help your clients stay on track for retirement and reduce your administrative burden

How AdviceBridge benefits you

Our personalised retirement plans can help you convert more clients from group schemes and have deeper, more meaningful relationships with legacy clients.

Benefits for advisers and planners with group schemes

  • Showcase the benefits of financial planning

  • Build a pipeline of future clients

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Make financial planning more accessible
  • Boost employees’ financial wellbeing and performance

Benefits for advisers and planners with private legacy clients

  • Open up and maximise advice opportunities

  • Ensure clients reach out when they need more help in the future

  • Service legacy clients cost-efficiently

  • A more ethical solution than disengaging clients

  • Show the regulator you’re looking after smaller clients


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