79% of business owners see automation as a solution to productivity, and employees agree

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In the new economic reality, digital transformation is a top business priority. Organisations in all sectors are looking for ways to remain resilient, responsive, and competitive.

Advances in digital automation, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), are changing how business leaders think and how employees work.

In fact, research carried out by Blue Prism revealed that business decision makers around the world believe automation is key to driving digital transformation within their companies.

Blue Prism offers intelligent automation for businesses and transforms the way work is done through robotic process automation (RPA). For further context, robotic process automation is a software technology designed to make it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans’ actions interacting with digital systems and software.

Their study examined the role of a digital workforce and business agility and survival. Taking a global view, respondents came from UK, US, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, and UAE. 1,725 business decision makers and 5,063 employees were surveyed.

79% of business decision makers see automation as a solution to the global productivity problem

These leaders understand that they must continue to adopt their digital offering if they are to thrive in the fast-changing world. And it’s not only business leaders who are ready and willing to embrace technology and automation tools – so are employees.

80% of employees feel comfortable in re-skilling for a change in work role

The important thing is that businesses must work to ensure that their employees are prepared to face the changes that further digital adoption will inevitably cause to the way they work.

While 80% of employees feel comfortable in re-skilling for a change in work role, without the full inclusion and adoption of their workforce, businesses risk missing out on making genuine progress.

78% of employees believe that using tech to automate tasks would improve their work life

The good news is that many workers believe that automation improves their job and has a positive impact on the workplace. In fact, 78% believe that using tech to automate tasks would improve their work life.

Far from what many may have assumed, employees are as ready as their employers to adopt automation and digital ways of working.

Business decision makers and employees are unified

The survey found that business decision makers and employees are unified on the benefits of automation, despite the challenges of implementing it.

With this in mind, the onus is on organisations to ensure that the digital evolution inside their company proceeds smoothly and efficiently so they can stay ahead of their competitors.

How the numbers stack up

Source: Blue Prism

From job improvements and saving on time and costs, to allowing your team to focus on important strategic and client facing work, most business leaders and workers agree that automation comes with significant benefits.

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