Over 50 and furloughed?

Review your financial options for FREE

  • Completely free financial advice for 50+ furloughed employees

  • Tailored to your situation and what you want to achieve.

  • No strings, no scams, no hard-sell

  • Worth up to £500

  • Combining powerful online tools with access to real-life, regulated professional advisors

Advice Bridge
Advice Bridge

No time like the present

The coronavirus furlough scheme has proved a lifeline for many businesses, giving employees financial security in the short term.

What it’s also allowed is time to think and, perhaps, plan your longer-term future.

If you’re enjoying your new-found freedom, you could be wondering if it’s something you can afford to experience full-time, bringing forward your retirement date or going part-time.

On the other hand, you may be concerned about having a job to return to when this is all over, and wondering how long your savings will last if you need to dip into them.

We know that whatever your situation, understanding your finances and what they will allow you to do is vital to any decision you make.

Why are we doing this?

Because we can.

Throughout this crisis, public bodies like the NHS, charities and businesses all across the country are pulling together to help everyone get through this in the best shape possible.

This is our contribution. We’re not trying to sell you anything. The advice we’re offering is worth up to £500 but we don’t expect or ask you to pay for any of it – or to sign up to longer-term support from AdviceBridge (although, it goes without saying, we’d be delighted if you did.)

Facing the future with confidence means making decisions based on the best financial advice available.

Thanks to our combination of easy-to-use tools and calculators, plus expert advice from regulated financial professionals. That’s exactly what we can provide.

Advice Bridge
Advice Bridge

What we’re offering

If you’re 50+ and currently furloughed, we’re extending access to free financial advice that includes:

  • setting financial goals

  • tax planning

  • analysing the fees you currently pay

  • a personalised savings plan

  • telephone advice from a regulated financial adviser

  • implementing any changes agreed, if required (with no adviser fees)

What we’re offering

CLICK HERE to get started, or if you’d rather begin with a call to one of our professional advisers, get in touch to Schedule a call.