In the press: FTAdviser features AdviceBridge benefits with a 3-page spread

Robot learning or solving problems

By AdviceBridge

We are delighted to have been featured in FTAdviser this week.

You may have already spotted the article, as it was featured high up in the FTAdviser Lunchtime Bulletin email update, and again throughout the day.

The three key points the article, ‘Why we launched a digital retirement adviser… for advisers’,  highlighted by senior reporter, Sonia Rach, were:

  1. How the AdviceBridge platform helps advisers automate all their processes, allowing them to focus on the client relationship
  2. How using the AdviceBridge technology reduces the time it takes to onboard a new client from 35/40 hours down to under five, leading to an 80% reduction in costs and a 70% increase in profit
  3. How AdviceBridge is one of the only systems offering this degree of automation, making financial planning more affordable for mass affluent clients, helping advisers become more profitable through the automation of processes for existing clients and through providing a new revenue stream from prospective ones.

Quoted in the article, Bruce Ely-Johnston said: “With the time spent on new clients being cut down significantly when adopting AdviceBridge, this reduces the cost to under £500 and doubles the profit to over £1000. So where advisers found it unprofitable or barely worth the effort for such low returns would be where they drew the line, i.e., had a minimum charging structure, which creates a barrier to advice.

“If we assume this line is £100,000 in savings then this can theoretically be halved to £50,000, hence helping with those in the advice gap.”

Read the full article here.

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