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Retirement Planning: Stress-free and Affordable

Put your retirement savings on the right track with personalised financial advice to make you better off.

  • Reduce Taxes & Fees

  • Personalised Investment Recommendations

  • One-tenth the Average UK Adviser Fee

Advice Bridge

Pave the road to the stress-free, secure retirement you deserve with step-by-step advice.

Advice Bridge

Your personalised financial plan will show you how to:

  • Make the most of your tax allowances

  • Find the best investments for your objectives

  • Draw income to pay for special goals

  • Balance your financial priorities

  • Make the most of your savings in retirement.

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We don’t share your data. Secure and encrypted data transfer

Bridging the Advice Gap…

Pensions & taxes – now yours to decide upon

As life expectancy rises in the UK, the security of a final salary pension is disappearing and leaving hard questions in its wake:

  • Should I take my pension pot out at 55?

  • Where do I invest my pension money?

  • How much can I spend and give to my kids?

  • How do I avoid UK pension tax traps?

Financial advice even less accessible than before

From £2,000 to £3,000 one-time1, plus 0.5% per year, traditional pension advice has always been reserved to the wealthiest. Recent UK regulations calling for transparency has pushed many advisors out of the market – just when they’re needed the most.

1. Indicative cost of retirement planning advice: Unbiased Cost of Advice, FCA survey of firms providing financial advice April 2016

Powerful, personal pension advice. For everyone

On Demand

On Demand

Comprehensive plan covering your current situation and future plans. No tie in.

Simple Action

Simple & Actionable

Concrete steps to reach your retirement lifestyle goals. No jargon or complexity.


Fully Personalised

Completely tailored to your financial state, habits, investment style, and tax status.

All Digit

All-Digital Process

Get started in under 5 minutes. We will collect pension & tax data on your behalf.



We don’t get commission for products we recommend; we handpick them for the value they bring to you


For 10% of the
Traditional Cost

£300 flat instead of £3,000+.

Your Point-in-Time Custom Financial Plan


Tell us a little bit about your personal circumstances. This will be the starting point for your personalised plan to get you to your goals.

  • Analysis of your savings and investments showing you the fees you currently pay

  • A review of your pensions to make sure you are aware of any valuable benefits


SmartAdvice engine puts you in control. We run our intelligent engine over your finances and show you the implications of the decisions you make

  • An estimate of the lifestyle in retirement that you are on track to afford

  • How your other financial priorities will affect your future lifestyle, eg can you afford to help you kids etc

  • How changing your savings affects your retirement

  • The risk of running out of money


A personalised strategy to help you make the most of your money. We help you grow your nest egg by minimising taxes and slashing the fees you are paying. All of our recommendations are unbiased and we don’t receive any commissions.

  • How to make the most of your tax allowances and reliefs

  • The best, low-cost investments for your needs

  • SmartDraw shows you how to finance goals and expenses in the most efficient way

How it works

Give Us Some Info

Complete the industry-leading AdviceBridge questionnaire, and e-sign a few papers

Get your personalised plan

Our expert advisers and simulation software crunch the numbers and prepare your custom PDF report.

Retire on your terms

Your dedicated financial adviser walks you through your plan over the phone. So start your journey towards the stress-free retirement you deserve!

How much does it cost?

£300 one-off, forever better off!

Traditional Financial Adviser

From £2,000 To £3,000

Average cost of traditional retirement planning financial advice in the UK

£300 incl. VAT

Complete retirement financial plan + phone consultation

DIY Adviser AdviceBridge
Base fee Weeks of work, learning materials Up to £3,000 £300 flat
Risk High
Mistakes, bad decisions, changing regulation
Often not incentivised to use cost-effective funds and platforms
Battle-tested process for taxes, investments and pensions
Process Research, compare, make mistakes, learn, repeat Appointments, meetings, emails 100% online

Why it works

Our next-generation approach fosters efficiencies that we pass down to you as savings.


The right questions, asked the right way.

  • All-online application

  • Industry-leading methodologies

  • Streamlined data collection from institutions


Proprietary SmartAdvice financial engine helps our advisers do more, more efficiently.

  • Up to date regulation & market data

  • Specialised financial models

  • Simulates thousands of scenarios

  • Designed for advice personalisation


FCA-authorised financial advisers, on your side by design.

  • Fiduciary agreement

  • Not paid on commission

  • Aided by technology Unaffiliated with investment providers

We are AdviceBridge…

A team of finance academics, professionals and data scientists determined to make financial advice accessible to all. Being unaffiliated with investment providers, we can offer unbiased, genuinely honest advice and investment recommendations.

…and you’re safe with us

FCA approved, participant in FCA Advice Unit

Secure and encrypted file transfer

Private, confidential, GDPR-compliant

No access to your accounts, funds or assets

Fiduciary agreement: your interests come first

No lock-in, commissions, or salespeople – just honest advice

Make the Future Brighter with a Word of Advice

Pave the road to stress-free retirement with your personalised financial plan.

Our Pricing Plans

Simple, transparent and fair pricing. Choose the plan thats right for your needs

Not sure which is right for you? Schedule a call with one of our team

Show me

Retirement plan


One-off fee, No recurring charges

  • Set financial goals

  • Tax optimisation

  • Analysis of current fees

  • Personalised savings plan

  • A phone call with a regulated financial adviser

For investors who are confident managing their own investments

Do it for me



One-off fee, No recurring charges

  • Set financial goals

  • Tax optimisation

  • Analysis of current fees

  • Personalised savings plan

  • A phone call with a regulated financial adviser

  • Implementation of financial plan

We will manage transfers to cost-effective solutions

Help me along the way

Ongoing advice

£100/year or £10/m

Retirement plan and implementation required

  • Progress to financial goals

  • Tax optimisation

  • Analysis of current fees

  • Dynamic risk adjustment

  • Yearly review by phone
    Phone support
  • Drawdown in retirement

  • View portfolio in app

Optional add-on to plan implementation

You will incur additional fees and charges associated with the recommended platform/product*. These typically range from 0.40-0.75% and they will be clearly shown to you on your plans.

* AdviceBridge does not receive any commission from these fees. We are independent of any product providers so we can recommend the best products for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?2019-09-24T11:54:07+01:00

We go above and beyond to protect our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. Any data you provide is protected with  secure encryption and regulated under GDPR. While your advisers will contact relevant institutions on your behalf, with your written consent, AdviceBridge has no access to your accounts, funds or investments. Please read our privacy policy for further details.

What risks should I be aware of?2019-12-17T12:15:55+00:00

The past performance of any investment is not necessarily a guide to future returns. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up and therefore you may not necessarily get back the amount you invested. 

Tax and Pension rules are also subject to change. This could have a material impact on your outcomes.

Are you registered with the Financial Conduct Authority?2019-09-26T15:46:09+01:00

Yes, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We also participated in the FCA’s Advice Unit initiative, and our services are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

AdviceBridge is delivered under license by NB Dhanuka Investment Management, which is registered in England & Wales with company number 10465716. Our FCA registration number is 779505.

Who is AdviceBridge for?2019-12-17T10:35:06+00:00

AdviceBridge is on a mission to make sure that everyone has the support they need to take control of their finances. We are continuously improving and broadening our service. At the moment we are only able to help clients who fulfil the following criteria.

  • You are resident and domiciled in the UK
  • You are generally in good health
  • You do not have any unsecured loans
  • You are not currently contributing to pensions with safe-guarded benefits such as a final salary pension
  • You do not own any buy-to-let property or any non-standard investments
  • You do not receive any means-tested benefits
  • You would like to plan individually, not as a couple

To check your eligibility click here for the full list.

What makes you better than traditional advisers?2019-09-26T15:42:02+01:00

In a nutshell: a much better experience at one-tenth of the price. Our process is completely online and on-demand, and we charge 10% of the usual adviser fee.

Traditional advice requires appointments, emails and lengthy phone calls. Financial advisers in the UK charge hefty fees – usually £2,000 to £3,000 or more – and in many cases earn much more from ongoing fees and commissions on the financial products they sell you. We only charge a one-time £300 flat fee (VAT included) to create a complete financial plan for your retirement, which also includes handpicked investment opportunities that we recommend without hidden costs, as we don’t get any commission.

Why do I need pension advice in the first place?2019-09-26T15:38:51+01:00

Professional financial advice can save you considerable time and money, and provide the peace of mind that’s in such short supply in these confusing times.

Pensions used to be simpler back in the day, but the April 2015 pension freedoms reform in the UK gave people 55+ much greater freedom to access their pension pots. This created both great opportunities and risks. Navigating the complexity of UK tax law and the investment landscape can be a full-time job in itself, and mistakes can result in your nest egg getting depleted quickly. A professional adviser, on the other hand, will recommend the best decisions for your unique circumstances, with your financial needs and UK tax and pension regulations in mind.

For those aged 50 or over, a great place to start is by having a free pension guidance session from Pension Wise. Pension Wise is a government service that helps you understand what you can do with your pension and the tax implications of the various options open to you. They are however, unable to provide you with personalised recommendations for your specific financial circumstances.

Put Your Retirement Savings On The Right Track