Shortlisted for two highly prestigious Professional Adviser Awards

Luxury royal blue carpet entry with bright spotlights before guests arrive for awards night.

By AdviceBridge

We are delighted that AdviceBridge has been shortlisted for two highly prestigious Professional Adviser Awards this year.

The nominations are for Best Client Engagement (Providers) and Best Technology Provider.

As an up-and-coming business, it’s fantastic that we are getting recognition for the powerful and innovative ways in which we help advisers and their clients.

The Best Client Engagement (Providers) category aims to “recognise providers who go the extra mile in helping advisers” be better able to “inform their clients on a particular area or areas of finance.”

We know many potential clients do not engage. Often, they disengage from the advice process due to costs or their perception that they wouldn’t be a suitable client.

The AdviceBridge solution is specifically designed to address clients’ lack of understanding of the value of financial advice. The platform offers the adviser a simple and easy way to demonstrate how financial advice would benefit prospective clients, based on their individual circumstances and goals, by putting that into clear figures in under five minutes.

The Best Technology Provider category focuses on “those providers who have demonstrated innovation … while putting their adviser clients front-of-mind throughout” and helping advisers who desire “greater cohesion between their front and back-office operations.”

The AdviceBridge solution has been specifically designed to link and automate all of an advisers’ individual pieces of software to allow a front-to-back solution to the financial planning process while communicating with their back office using two-way integration.

It removes many of the manual, time-consuming tasks that administrators, paraplanners, and advisers undertake cutting the onboarding time of a new client down to under five hours (including face-to-face meetings) specifically addressing the issues of time, cost and profit.

Some of the firms we’re listed alongside are veterans in the industry, so it’s great to see us standing shoulder-to-shoulder with much weightier organisations.

We’ll know if we’ve won on 26th April but, in the meantime, just being shortlisted is something we are extremely proud to have achieved.