Struggling to introduce automation to ALL your clients?

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By AdviceBridge

One of the issues we repeatedly find when speaking with advisers about technology and improving business processes is the view that digital services are aimed at smaller or lower value clients.

They can deliver a great service to people who can easily afford it, so there’s no need to change how that service is delivered but they need to adapt and deliver a slightly different service to those that can’t.

While circumstances change, processes remain similar

The reality is that the current service delivered may be very similar, because the processes involved in meeting and onboarding a client aren’t going to be that different.

While the reality may differ in terms of the client circumstances, in short, you: gather all the information, analyse what they’ve got, make the recommendation, and then set them up.

And yet, we tend to find that advisers struggle to understand how to offer automation as a service to all their clients. Because it’s so simple, it feels like it’s only appropriate for small clients, rather than those clients who perhaps require more time and attention.

Ultimately, everybody wants digital automation

EY’s 2021 Global Wealth Report revealed that 25% of high net worth and 20% of very-high net worth clients see digital tools as their first choice for engagement.

We all use apps on our phones to make life easier. For example, we no longer visit the bank on the high street to pay in a cheque. Instead, we take a photo of the cheque, share it in the app, and the money is instantly deposited in the account.

Why wouldn’t you choose to provide the same ease and simplicity for all your clients?

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With the right automation in place, creating fewer touch points in the onboarding and advice process, the only thing you’re left to choose is how to introduce it to your clients and offer it as a service.

The question of how to introduce automation to you clients as a service can become a sticking point rife with indecision.

Because automation has made the process so simple compared with what you may be used to doing, it feels inappropriate to offer the automated route to those clients you’re making more money from.

But this skewed thinking could hold you back from growing your business profitably.

Automation shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing decision

While high net worth clients want automation as much as anyone else, it doesn’t mean that they want digital-only – you can still offer them the face-to-face experience that they may also expect.

The difference is that with your lower value clients, the same choice isn’t available, because that isn’t something they can afford and isn’t viable for your business.

So, put the automation decision in the hands of your clients.

They will soon decide if they wish to use the simple automation aspect of your service. If they use it, then great, if not then no-one loses out. And there’s nothing to stop them from changing their mind at a later date.

Give them the tools, show them that they are there, and let them use them if they wish.

How AdviceBridge works for all your clients

While both existing and prospective clients can use AdviceBridge to help them understand their finances better, existing clients can use the app to help them review their plan and see any implications of potential goal changes they may wish to review.

Even better for you, the AdviceBridge platform can increase client engagement through its simple and meaningful interface.

The client-facing app allows your clients to interact with goals and scenarios 24/7 and you’ll get an instant alert telling you about their actions. This means that you will know when their circumstances may be changing and when they could benefit from additional support and advice.

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